Workers’ Compensation That Pays You!

MSNJ Risk Advisors is proud to offer A-Rated Workers’ Compensation Insurance exclusively for Physicians in the state of New Jersey that has paid its members 35% in dividends in two years! This dividend coupled with an up to 20% discount off your premium means incredible savings for your practice.

It’s just what the doctor ordered.

These Physicians received checks in the mail… You can too!
  • $22,388 Med. Practice MGR
  • $13,785 OB/GYN
  • $8,729 Gastroenterologist
  • $6,882 Orthopedist
  • $6,332 Cardiologist
  • $4,856 Anesthesiologist
  • $4,654 Opthalmologist

How the Dividend Works

Loss Ratio 0-15% 16-25% 26-35% 36-45%
Maximum Dividend 40% 15% 10% 5%

Health Benefits Coverage

MSNJ Risk Advisors can also help your practice with Health Benefits Coverage. The Affiliated Physicians & Employers Health Plan (APEHP), sponsored by MSNJ, has proven that joining small employers together into a self-insured environment can ultimately save money. As the APEHP is a non-profit plan, all profits go back into the plan for the benefit of its participating members. The small physician-based groups within the APEHP have seen significant savings. The increases since the plan’s inception have averaged around 9.7%, which is substantially less than the market average. MSNJ Risk Advisors can help your practice enroll and start saving today! Call for information!